AI based energy management platform Lumian has raised its first investment.

AI based energy management platform Lumian has raised its first investment with a valuation of $3.2M.

Lumian which reduces companies' costs by increasing their energy efficiency with its AI based platform has raised a pre-seed investment from DOMiNO Ventures and strategic investor İsmail Ferhat Özlü.

Lumian has established in April 2023 by Batu Balkır and Emre Birol and quickly flipped up its headquarters to the United States. The start-up, utilizing an IoT-based SaaS platform along with sophisticated AI technology, offers deep insights into energy provisioning, bill analysis, and energy efficiency. Offering its services to leading Turkish companies such as Pakmaya, Tebplast-Rosti, Polmar, Balorman, Gençler Kablo, and Başoğlu Kablo, Lumian has been pivotal in offering its clients rapid returns on their investments, achieving more than fourfold benefits.

Lumian analyzes companies' energy consumption patterns and offers optimal tariff options for businesses. Integrated with a range of industrial devices and Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMRS), the startup empowers facilities with efficient energy consumption analysis and optimization through its SaaS and IoT-powered software.

The software developed by Lumian is up and running in less than five minutes with no additional hardware cost required. It offers comprehensive energy management services such as real-time energy usage monitoring, billing analysis, verification, tariff recommendations, regulation notifications and detailed reporting. In addition, IoT-enabled software enables custom device tracking in scenarios involving hardware costs.

Operating in Turkey and Germany, Lumian aims to increase its sales volume both in Turkey and global markets with the new investment from DOMiNO Ventures and energy sector expert İsmail Ferhat Özlü.

Batu Balkır, one of the co-founders, said: "The strategic pre-seed investment will play a crucial role in executing Lumian's growth strategies. Our energy efficiency solutions are versatile, suitable for a wide range of applications from industrial facilities to commercial organizations and are poised to make a significant contribution to sustainability."

For further details on Lumian, visit their website:

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Igor with a valuation of USD 8.5 million has received investment.

Green fintech startup igor, which provides banking and payment infrastructure services, has secured an investment at a valuation of USD 8.5 million.

Igor, a green fintech startup which provides banking and payment infrastructure services, has raised an investment at a valuation of USD 8.5 million. The startup aims to calculate carbon footprints and develop solutions to offset them.

Sustainable finance technology startup igor has raised investment from leading venture capital funds, corporates and individual investors, especially DOMiNO Ventures, Aegean Ventures, and Fikir Evi Araştırma Geliştirme ve Danışmalık A.Ş. igor, which focuses on providing innovative and integrated financial services on a single platform, aims to create a platform where users can make their payments 24/7 with open banking features and access all their bank accounts on a single screen, along with its developed solutions with value-added virtual and physical payment services infrastructure. In addition, the startup aims to provide services in the sustainability field by offering solutions to users to calculate and offset their carbon footprints.

Igor is on a mission to raise awareness about climate change, meet the need for access to green financial services, and provide innovative solutions. The startup aims to track environmental impact, automate transactions, and create more efficient markets by developing new technologies and using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. It is also creating new opportunities for green fintech by taking advantage of the growth of the green economy. Regulations are expected to become more widespread in the financial markets where the startup operates in order to promote green fintech services. These regulations create a framework that supports igor's ability to offer sustainable financial solutions. igor aims to consolidate its leadership in providing sustainable financial solutions to its users by taking advantage of these positive trends in the green fintech field. In addition to being a financial technology provider, igor also has a strong team dynamic on the sustainability side. The team, with its long industry experience in areas such as finance, risk management, and sustainability, makes significant contributions to the company's success. The startup, which wants to expand its services with its mission of providing sustainable financial solutions by emphasizing the importance of green fintech to its users, aims to reach the global market in the second quarter of 2024.

“We aim to bring a green breath to the fintech world.”

Kamil Güçlü, former Group Vice President of Oracle EMEA and Co-founder of igor, shared the igor's future vision: “Our goal at igor is to make financial processes more accessible and sustainable. While enabling our users to participate more actively in the financial world, we are reinforcing our understanding of environmental responsibility with our green finance solutions. We believe that the financial sector has the potential to create a positive change for our world, not only to generate profits.”

You can visit the website for more information about igor;

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Co-one with a valuation of €4.2 M has received its first investment.

Founded in 2021, Estonia-based Co-one is an AI-based data tagging service, completed its seed investment round led by Maxis Innovative Fund.
Founded in 2021 by A. Arman Kayhan and Mert Menekşe, Co-one provides the labelled data service needed by artificial intelligence companies, focuses on accurate and reliable disclosure.
With its Annotation Management Dashboard, Co-one provides data labelling processes for firms to manage their data, while the Kovan App allows more than 3500 users to generate income while tagging data to provide the opportunity.
Seed investment round led by Maxis Innovation Fund also involved, TechOne VC, Lima Ventures, DOMiNO Ventures, Leap Investment and Emrah Gültekin CEO of Chooch AI along with Investment Banker Siret Ünsal.
In 2021, under the leadership of TRAngels; Invested at a valuation of 1.35 million dollars and during this period Co-one, which increased its monthly data labelling volume 20 times in 2022, will grow 9 times in 2022 and continues to contribute to the artificial intelligence ecosystem.
Co-one already serving more than 35 companies has managed to gain its first customers in the European market and plans to expand on this. The company plans to, with the seed investment they received, develop its products and grow its team by implementing its strategies, aims to have an important role in the European artificial intelligence market. In line with this plan, Co-One wants to democratize data tagging and bring artificial intelligence to a quality that can serve humanity.

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Iftrue, the startup that improves the business processes of software teams, raised an investment

Aiming to support the business processes of stakeholders in the ecosystem with the services it offers to software teams, Iftrue raised investment. Developing the business processes of software teams, Iftrue raised an investment from TechOne Venture Capital, DOMiNO Ventures and Startup Wise Guys. Iftrue contributes to the improvement and facilitation of project processes by providing services to software teams with the solutions it has developed. In this context, Iftrue offers its users processes and metrics based on scientific research, enabling software teams to work faster. Today, when the common features of successful enterprises are evaluated, it can be shown that the teams work in harmony are in the first place. It is observed that product development processes reach an optimum efficiency in scenarios where business development teams work in harmony with each other. In addition, it is noticed that teams that achieve harmony in terms of cooperation both increase team solidarity and provide better quality service to customers. With the increase in experience in software development processes, a significant increase in benefits and cost optimization is achieved in the software activities of companies. Iftrue saved up to 50% in product development costs for teams where the product was tested during the private beta period. The company aims to reach more teams with the open beta in the first three months of 2023. “We aim to be an indispensable part of software teams.” Iftrue Co-Founder Erdinç Akkaya has worked in various positions in companies that have been developing software-based products for more than 15 years and are mainly established in Silicon Valley. Making statements about the future plans of Iftrue, Iftrue Co-Founder Erdinç Akkaya said, “When we look at the recent developments, we observe that the business processes are in a great change. We see that remote working has become widespread, especially with digitalization. With the development of remote working processes, we evaluate that there are some deficiencies in terms of communication within the team. At this point, we aim to be an indispensable part of software teams. In addition to maintaining our service quality in 2023, we aim to accelerate the growth momentum we have achieved by entering the American and European markets.”. On the other hand, TechOne Venture Capital Managing Partner Yiğit Arslan expressed his happiness with the investment process by saying, “As TechOne VC, we are happy to support visionary initiatives that take steps towards the world of the future. With the services it offers, Iftrue aims to solve the problems in the software ecosystem and improve the business processes there. In the next period, we will work together for Iftrue to operate in different geographies.”. Yagiz Karadeniz, Managing Director of DOMiNO Ventures, also evaluated the Iftrue investment process, “We find the work of the Iftrue team very valuable. Especially in the field of future of work, the importance of metric and optimization-oriented software will increase even more. As DOMiNO Ventures, we will continue to invest in startups with rapid growth potential in global markets. We are always on the side of entrepreneurs with our fund and competent team that we have established to contribute to the success of visionary initiatives.” said. To examine Iftrue in more detail,you can reach it from the website

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Mobile-Oriented Thematic Film Platform Cineshort Completed Its First Investment Round.

Cineshort aims for users to have a pleasant time during the day with carefully selected short films that can fit into their short time. TechOne VC, DOMiNO Ventures, Twozero Ventures, Headline Oryx I, Aegean Ventures, and Powerhouse participated in Cineshort’s first investment round.

Rich Content Archive

Cineshort brings users together with short and thematic films through its mobile application, 94% of which are global content. The platform offers Turkish, English, and Spanish subtitles for all its films. Functional features such as Offline Mode and My List/Watch Later are also among the features offered by Cineshort. Users can easily access the content they are looking for according to their mood, the type of movie, and the time they want to watch with the filter option. Cineshort aims to differentiate itself from major VOD platforms and competitors with its content and revenue model, transfers 70% of its revenues to the film director and producer. Cineshort purposes to create a content-rich pool, has included more than 650 directors’ films from 92 countries on the platform since its establishment.

Target is To Grow in The Global Market with a New Investment Round!

Hasan Celil Tombul, Founder of Cineshort; “We want to support thematic films and short film directors and integrate our target users into this culture. Therefore, movies can be watched by registering for free on our platform, or with a small subscription fee, our platform allows users to explore the entire library containing more than a thousand movies. We want to support production sustainability by allocating a share to the director from the income obtained. With the investment tour, we will accelerate our growth in the global market. Our vision is to be the largest in the world in this category.” said. To examine Cineshort in more detail,you can reach it from the website

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Artifica, raised Pre-Seed investment from DOMiNO Ventures

Artifica handles data analysis for e-commerce businesses because of the infrastructure for artificial intelligence. It has grown and now makes sure that incorrectly categorized and identified products are found and automatically reorganized.

Artifica was founded in March 2022 by Sadi Gürsoy and Tuncay Elvanağaç at Hacettepe Teknokent. The e-commerce sector has a great place in the development of the country’s economies, especially after COVID-19. The current market volume of the e-commerce sector is $5.54 billion and this volume is expected to be $7,40 Billion by 2025. Consumer satisfaction is of great importance for the sustainability of growth. It is observed that the problem has become widespread with the increase of players in the sector, and it is observed that the complaints of platform providers regarding this problem increase due to the increasing number of products.

The greatest value proposition offered by Artifica is to ensure that customers have access to correct information and to prevent the loss of time caused by defective advertisements. Artifica will also develop artificial intelligence technology in the future; plans to offer next shopping forecasting, price optimization and various data processing services. In this way, it will support the accelerated growth of a sector that will develop the digital economy.

In addition to the customer pool in the e-commerce sector, Artifica is also positioned in the data integration market. In addition to the $11.6 Billion volume reached by the data integration market in 2021, it is observed that the share of the trade sector in the market is around $2.3 Billion. Considering the size of the market and its growth potential, the market in which Artifica is planned to be positioned is considered the right choice.

While Artifica aims to expand its team and apply the software they have developed to a wider product range after the investment, Artifica plans to serve primarily in Turkey and then to global markets by speeding up its integration efforts with e-commerce software providers.

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njoyKidz received its first investment round lead by WePlay Ventures on a 5 Million Dollars Valuation.

Developing skill-based games for children and allowing parents to monitor and track children’s progress with the help of their dashboard, njoyKidz received $525.000 investment from DOMiNO Ventures, Anibera, AngelEffect, Aegean Ventures, and Mustafa Serdar Arıkan with the lead of by WePlay Ventures over a $5 M post-money valuation.

njoyKidz develops ad-free, safe, fun, and mobile educational games for kids focused on cognitive ability development. Founded by Utku Bozkurt in October 2021, njoyKidz develops ad-free, safe, fun, and mobile educational games focused on cognitive ability development for children between the ages of 2-9. njoyKidz, develop all its games with the pedagogical advisory team’s suggestions and recommendations. The games have based on five primary abilities: memory, creativity, problem-solving, socialization, attention, and 18 sub-ability categories. Also, thanks to the parent dashboard, parents can instantly view all notable statistics and analytics about their children’s performance. Parents can examine how much progress their children have made in primary and sub-skill categories and how much time they spend in njoyKidz games, with comparative data considering the users’ ages through the dashboard.

Aim to be one of the most important game studios in the world in the field of children’s games.

njoyKidz will continoue developing games of important animation and cartoon characters. njoyKidz aims to become one of the most important game studios around the globe in children’s games by doing partnerships with well-known children brands and IP’s. They are planning to reach millions of children and to offer them a safe and fun game platform by developing 75 games in 1 year. njoyKidz’s mid-term plans include becoming one of the leading publishers in the field.

“njoyKidz aims to reach children and families around the world.” Utku Bozkurt, the founder of njoyKidz, aims to play a crucial role in the market with the games they develop and the information system they design. “The main reason we develop children’s games is that the time which today’s children spend with mobile devices is an important part of their lives. Thus, we want this time to be valuable to their development by creating the entire playground for the right edutainment environment and analyzing the performance-oriented in-game data. The participation of such valuable investors will be greatly beneficial in advancing with confident steps towards our goal. Our long-term plans are to reach children and families worldwide by developing collaboration models with platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, Amazon+, Disney+, Nintendo.” he expressed his views. You can visit the learn more about njoyKidz.

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Metaverse as a Service Startup Atlas Space, raised an investment from DOMiNO Ventures.

Atlas Space, which enables realistic business and social events for companies with the Metaverse universe it has developed, raised investment from DOMiNO Ventures. Atlas Space Metaverse Universe and NFT Marketplace With the Metaverse Universe it has developed, Atlas Space enables companies to carry out realistic business and non-business social events. It aims to solve problems such as lack of social interaction, lack of internal communication and inefficiency, which are seen as the main problems of the concept of working from home, which is on the rise with the pandemic and is expected to be permanent. Atlas Space, which can work in integration with virtual and augmented reality technologies, can fully respond to the customizable needs of customers in line with their needs. Atlas Space, which has its own blockchain network and tokenomics system, distinguishes itself from its peers with its “real life utility” feature thanks to the NFT market. In addition, users can use their own three-dimensional avatars within the Atlas Space Metaverse universe.

Target is To Grow in The Global Market with a New Investment Round!

Continuing to grow with a strong momentum in a short period of 5 months, Atlas Space continues to provide services to more than 25 companies in 6 countries. Atlas Space, which derives the majority of its revenue from the global market, achieved an growth rate of 110% in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Atlas Space, which wants to grow its team with competent and professional employees while continuing to grow in the global market, will continue its work faster after the investment. Atlas Space, which will establish an office in Paris and Berlin with the new investment it has raised, aims to strengthen its operations in the USA and North America and to position itself in the market more strongly. In addition, the product development process aims to be one of the important players in the Metaverse universe by continuing to implement global sales and marketing strategies.

Burçin GÜRBÜZ, Founder of Atlas Space; “Just like smartphones and technologies, and even social media platforms in our very recent past, there are those who are cautious and even suspicious about Metaverse today. With Metaverse, we meet new platforms, new values ​​and currencies, new possibilities and methods. When we look at the future predictions, Metaverse is called the next phase of the internet. In fact, Metaverse is the future of social networks and social media platforms. We can’t wait to tell this story to the world with Atlas Space. We are excited and motivated to be the first startup in this field from Turkey and to continue this success.” said. To examine Atlas Space in more detail,you can reach it from the website

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Hirize Raises Pre-Seed Funding to Revolutionize Recruitment Through Big Data and Predictive Modeling.

Hirize a Miami-based startup founded by Esranur Kaygin and Eren Yasarkurt, one of the newest and most promising players in the HR tech scene focuses on providing businesses with groundbreaking AI solutions to screen resumes and match applicants with greater accuracy, announced its pre-seed funding this week.

The company enables HR departments to use Big data models and predictive analytics to build a more accurate list of potential candidates and include them in their talent screening process. From there, Hirize not only filters candidates who are the best fit for the job but also predicts how long a potential new employee will stay with the organization.

The pre-seed stage investment was led by Startupfon. Along with APX, DOMiNO Ventures and Sankonline took part in the investment round.

Hirize, with an accuracy rate of 89% has presently one of the most sophisticated AI-based recruitment technologies, plans to use the funding to expand its go-to-market team, maximize the success of the AI, and get ready for its official launch.

Resumes and the HR market are continually evolving, we see this in the design and terminology used in resumes which makes them difficult to interpret for existing AI technology. When combined with a strong employment market that shifted power from employers to job seekers, this created a recipe for a highly competitive recruiting environment for employers. ” Companies nowadays focus on hiring faster, not missing out on good applicants and not losing sight of employee branding. In addition, organizations place a high priority on staff retention; USA firms lose $1.5 Billion annually due to employees who leave too soon,” said Esra Kaygin CEO and Founder of Hirize.

The primary issue is that there has been a prolonged stalemate in the HR-tech solutions we’re presented in the form of managing processes rather than developing cutting-edge technology. We at Hirize believe we can apply this forward-thinking vision to HR tech. The funding round was led by Amsterdam-based Startupfon. The VC firm works with entrepreneurs in high-growth industries to build lasting companies.

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