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Who We Are

DOMiNO Ventures is a Dutch based early stage venture capital fund with a Turkish and Eastern European market focus.

We provide early stage funding for entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas in Metaverse, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Gaming.

We Invest In

Competitive and distruptive business models
Global scaling
Qualified and collaborative founders and teams
Ideas that have high potential and create new markets

We Focus On


















Cyber Security







Investment Criteria



Visionary tech entrepreneurs with a global focus



Pre-seed to Series A



Sector Agnostic


How Much?

100K-1M EUR for Pre-seed/Seed Stage, 400K-2M EUR for Growth Stage startups

Our Portfolio

Our Partners

Our Values

Experienced Investment Team

We value different perspectives, which means working with a team of all ages, educational and professional backgrounds.

Creating Value Approach

Providing operational support to accelerate startups’ scaling potential and fund management process.

Multisectoral Investment Experience

Collective investment management experiences in different

Local Access and Know-How

Regional coverage with local access and know-how in different countries for startups.

Global Network Support

We support startups with our wide investor clients and partnerships

Rapid and Agile Investment Structure

We create a rapid and agile investment structure for fund management and investment process.

Our Stakeholders

Recent News

Iftrue, the startup that improves the business processes of software teams, raised an investment

Aiming to support the business processes of stakeholders in the ecosystem with the services it offers to software teams, Iftrue raised investment. Developing the business processes of software teams, Iftrue raised an investment from TechOne Venture Capital, DOMiNO Ventures and Startup Wise Guys. Iftrue contributes to the improvement and facilitation of project processes by providing services to software teams with the solutions it has developed. In this context, Iftrue offers its users processes and metrics based on scientific research, enabling software teams to work faster. Today, when the common features of successful enterprises are evaluated, it can be shown that the teams work in harmony are in the first place. It is observed that product development processes reach an optimum efficiency in scenarios where business development teams work in harmony with each other. In addition, it is...

Mobile-Oriented Thematic Film Platform Cineshort Completed Its First Investment Round.

Cineshort aims for users to have a pleasant time during the day with carefully selected short films that can fit into their short time. TechOne VC, DOMiNO Ventures, Twozero Ventures, Headline Oryx I, Aegean Ventures, and Powerhouse participated in Cineshort's first investment round. Rich Content Archive Cineshort brings users together with short and thematic films through its mobile application, 94% of which are global content. The platform offers Turkish, English, and Spanish subtitles for all its films. Functional features such as Offline Mode and My List/Watch Later are also among the features offered by Cineshort. Users can easily access the content they are looking for according to their mood, the type of movie, and the time they want to watch with the filter option. Cineshort aims to differentiate itself from major VOD platforms and competitors with its...

Artifica, raised Pre-Seed investment from DOMiNO Ventures

Artifica handles data analysis for e-commerce businesses because of the infrastructure for artificial intelligence. It has grown and now makes sure that incorrectly categorized and identified products are found and automatically reorganized. Artifica was founded in March 2022 by Sadi Gürsoy and Tuncay Elvanağaç at Hacettepe Teknokent. The e-commerce sector has a great place in the development of the country's economies, especially after COVID-19. The current market volume of the e-commerce sector is $5.54 billion and this volume is expected to be $7,40 Billion by 2025. Consumer satisfaction is of great importance for the sustainability of growth. It is observed that the problem has become widespread with the increase of players in the sector, and it is observed that the complaints of platform providers regarding this problem increase due to the increasing number of products. The greatest...