BetterFuture AI
Acceleration Program

BetterFuture AI Acceleration program is curated by the DOMiNO Ventures team to make an impact on the startup ecosystem of Central Asia.

Applications for the program are now open.
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About BetterFuture Acceleration Program
The BetterFuture Acceleration Program, curated by the DOMiNO Ventures team, aims to catalyze growth and innovation within the startup ecosystem of the Central Asia region. The participants will go through intensive training designed to equip them with both hard and soft skills essential for success in today's competitive landscape for 8 weeks.
Artifical Intelligence
Early and Growth
Cental Asia / Caucasus
8 Weeks
What We Offer
Investment Opportunity
Graduates of the program may have the chance to secure investment for their startups
Gain Access to Investor Network
Participants gain access to a wide network of investors
Train Hard and Soft Skills
Provides intensive training that covers skills essential for entrepreneurial success
Become Part of strong Network
Graduates become part of a robust alumni network
Application Criteria
Early and Growth Stage
Early and growth stage startups that has functional products or services
AI-driven Tech Solutions
AI startups from various industries are welcome to apply
Multi-Functional Team
We value teams that have strong leadership and resilience
Global Focus Minded
Startups that have a scalable business model and market potential
Initial Traction
Customer engagement, such as user adoption, sales, partnerships, or other measurable indicators
Presence in Central Asia
Operations in any of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.
Learning Journey
Our experienced mentors will provide guidance, feedback, and support as you navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship for 8 weeks. Additionally, you'll benefit from one-on-one weekly mentorship tailored to your specific needs and challenges. The BetterFuture AI Acceleration program offers a structured journey of startup growth, providing insights and strategies to take the next big step toward a better future.
Business Modelling & Strategy
Define your startup's unique value proposition, identify target markets, and understand customer needs. Dive deep into problem definition, business modelling techniques, and positioning strategies.
Week 1
Metrics & Finance
Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business, Cash flow management, revenue forecasting etc.
Week 2
International Relations - Cultural Communications
Learn how to navigate cross-cultural challenges effectively and build strong relationships with international partners, customers, and stakeholders.
Week 3
Growth Strategies
Focus on market research, expansion planning, and positioning strategies. How to tackle market barriers? Product diversification and strategic partnerships.
Week 4
Marketing & Sales
Strategies to drive customer acquisition and boost sales. Customer Development – How to boost your sales?
Week 5
Prospects of AI Usage and Integrations
Gain insights into emerging AI trends, best practices for implementation, and case studies showcasing successful AI integration in various industries
Week 6
Legal & Compliance and Tax Regulations
Learn legal and compliance requirements, including intellectual property protection, corporate governance, and data privacy regulations
Week 7
Fund Raising & Pitching Tips
Strategies for crafting pitch decks, effectively communicating your startup's value proposition and explore different funding sources.
Week 8
Online Pitch Day
Week 9
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the BetterFuture Acceleration Program?
The BetterFuture Acceleration Program is an intensive 8-week initiative curated by DOMiNO Ventures' expert team, aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the startup ecosystem of the Central Asia and Caucasus region.
Who is the program designed for?
The program is designed for early-stage startup founders and entrepreneurs operating in Central Asia and the Caucasus region who are looking to scale their businesses and make a significant impact in the tech industry.
What does the program offer?
The program offers participating entrepreneurs a comprehensive blend of resources, mentorship, and training sessions focused on developing both hard and soft skills essential for entrepreneurial success. This includes technical proficiency, leadership skills, access to a global network, and opportunities for market expansion.
What topics are covered in the training sessions?
The training sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to startup growth and success, including but not limited to business development, product development, marketing strategies, financial management, leadership skills, and access to funding opportunities.
How long is the program?
The BetterFuture AI Acceleration Program runs for 8 weeks, providing participants with an intensive and immersive online experience aimed at accelerating their growth strategy.
Is the program open to startups outside the Central Asia and Caucasus region?
While the program primarily focuses on startups within the Central Asia and Caucasus region, entrepreneurs from other regions may also apply. However, preference may be given to startups operating within the Central Asia and Caucasus region.
What support is available to program participants after graduating from the program?
Graduates of the program will have the opportunity to get an equity investment while they gain access to an extensive alumni network, ongoing mentorship opportunities, and continued support from DOMiNO Ventures core team.
How can I apply to the BetterFuture AI Acceleration Program?
Information on how to apply to the program, including eligibility criteria and application deadlines, can be found on the program's website. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the application guidelines and submit their applications online through the portal.
Are there any fees associated with the program?
Startups are not charged any fees for participating in the BetterFuture Acceleration Program. However, selected startups may be required to commit to certain terms and conditions outlined by the program.
Who can I contact for further inquiries about the program?
For further inquiries about the BetterFuture Acceleration Program, please drop us an email ( We're here to support you throughout your journey towards building a better future for your startup.
How does the application process work?
Once you submit your application, our team will review and reach out to the top applicants for an initial interview. Then, shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in a final interview.
Do you invest in the participant startups?
Yes. Any investment is subject to investor requirements and due diligence and is not guaranteed. DOMiNO Ventures may invest in any participant startups at the end of the program.
Can I still apply if our startup’s current valuation may already be too high?
Yes. We’ll make that assessment with your help.
What happens after the program?
After completion, the startups will participate in an Online Demo Day where they’ll have the chance to present their companies to a broad audience of key ecosystem stakeholders. Companies will also receive remote follow-on support and access to the alumni network and perks.
Do you prioritize any specific industry in the elimination process?
In AI Acceleration Program, there is a preference for startups specializing in Artificial Intelligence. This focus is aligned with the emerging trends and demands in the technology sector, particularly in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and AI-driven analytics. We are interested in startups that demonstrate innovative applications of AI and have the potential for significant impact or scalability in their respective fields.
How much turnover should startups have?
There is no minimum threshold for turnover, but we expect to see a functional prototype with early signs of traction (please refer to full list of criteria above).
Will the program take place in-person or online?
The program consists of online sessions only, including the demo day.
We have not launched our product yet. Can we still apply?
We have preference for live products / services, as that’s likely a prerequisite for traction. This said, if you can demonstrate traction in other ways, we’ll happily take a look at your application.
How can I prove the ‘early traction’?
Early traction can be measured by different metrics, e.g. users, revenue, partnerships, LOIs, etc.
Will we have the flexibility to participate at the program and running our business at the same time?
Yes, it's feasible to participate in the program while managing your full-time job and business. Our experience with numerous programs shows that balancing both is possible, although it requires dedication. Expect bursts of intensive work – the journey towards growth and success often demands extra effort and commitment. Remember, the rewards of participating in an accelerator program often justify the additional workloads and challenges faced along the way.
Can we apply again if we are not accepted?
Yes. If you have significant updates since your last application in the months between applications, you are welcome to submit a new application.